If you are reading this then you probably know one of the Parkers. If you aren’t reading this then it probably doesn’t matter. Thanks for having a look. Here are a few of the things that a Parker is involved with.

Moo Music

Moo Music provides Moosical Fun for under 5s and business opportunities for older people and is available across the UK as well as in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, America and Spain.

Bright Lights Collective – Band

Bright Lights Collective are generally an acousticy trio consisting of Iain Springate on guitars and vocals, Merry Springate on keys, percussion and vocals and Ant Parker on bass and vocals. As a collective they are joined by many other musicians and singers depending on the event which can range from festivals, charity events and pub gigs to worship events.


Why? Band

WHY? were a folk rock band that toured and recorded throughout the 1990s. Brothers Ant and Nick Parker were the core of the band over the decade but were joined by over 20 other musicians for varying lengths of time! Germany was responsible for the majority of the touring and album sales but venues and events in the UK included Glastonbury Festival, Greenbelt Festival, Spring Harvest, New Wine, The Royal Albert Hall and the Birmingham NEC.

Nick Parker

Nick Parker – Singer Songwriter

Nick Parker is a legend! There’s not enough space here to give him credit for everything he is involved with so tap his photo to visit his website.

Norman Parker

Norman Parker – Surrealist Artist

Norman Parker paints amazing pictures. Tap the armadillo to visit his website.

Chris Parker Photography

Chris Parker – Photographer

Chris Parker take amazing photos. Tap the kayak to visit his Flickr site.

Erin Matthews – Singer Songwriter

New album coming … one day!

Eve Parker – Fiddle Player and Singer

Eve is a fiddle player and singer. She has been part of the National Youth Folk Ensemble since she was just 14 and is currently studying music at Exeter College. Tap her for her Youtube page.

Bethan Funning

Bethan Funning – Singer Songwriter

Info coming soon.

Hardy Music

Hardy Music – Publishing

Hardy Music publishes songs for various artists including Moo Music, Craig McLeish, Nick Parker, Ant Parker and Erin Matthews.

Breathing Space and Seahaven Appledore

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a small accommodation annex in North Devon that is currently still being renovated.

Rachel Parker – Sewing

Sewing is in my blood!  My mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all sewed and made the most beautiful clothes, hats, bags and curtains.  I grew up learning from them and inherited their love of beautiful fabric! Tap my photo to visit my website.

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